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June 2-5, 2020

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Munich is the most intriguing conference city with its dual emphasis on modern technology and culture, fusing the two into an unusual alliance. Its unusual blend of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical, and Modern Architecture as backdrops for its research universities and multinational companies results is a lasting perspective for the careful observer.
Although Munich was heavily damaged by allied bombing during World War II, many of its historic buildings have been rebuilt and the city center comes straight out of the late 1800s including its largest church, the Frauenkirche, and the Neues Rathaus, its famous city hall.
The people of Munich do not like their city to be associated only with beer and the Oktoberfest. After all, the Bavarian Kings transformed Munich into a city of arts and science. Its outstanding position among other German cities may have faded a tad due to Berlin becoming the German capital a few years ago. However, Munich still remains Germany's number-one place for art, science and culture. 
It is a pleasure and an honor for the International Journal of Arts and Sciences to include this city in its conferences itinerary. Munich is the ideal place to bare one's soul and research and add a unique cultural dimension to one's academic experience.



The IJAS Conference Series takes place annually in several cities across Europe and North America. The series has three primary aims.

The first aim is to provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research both through the conference podium and IJAS' double-blind refereed publications. All IJAS conferences are inter- and multi-disciplinary.

The second aim of the Conference Series is to provide opportunities for academics to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions, and to enable them to establish contact with professionals in other countries and institutions. The tours are the main way of "breaking the ice" away from the formalities of the conference hall, providing an informal setting for discussing different points of view. Even in an increasingly networked world of internet and satellite conferences, there is no substitute for personal interaction—what Edward R. Murrow calls "the last three feet of communication." It is individuals, not data streams, who must ultimately build the connections that in turn create lasting international research partnerships.

The third aim of the Conference Series is to introduce academics to educational premises in locations that are suitable for study abroad programs and which may meet their students’ educational needs. IJAS draws its inspiration from the Fulbright Program, an integral part of the United States' foreign educational relations, where face-to-face exchanges have proven to be the single most effective means of engaging international publics while broadening dialogue between academics and institutions.

Conference Tracks

Our editorial board invites abstracts, papers, and proposals in any of the following four tracks:
  • Social Sciences and Humanities,
  • Business and Economics,
  • Teaching and Education, and
  • Technology and Science.

The accepted submissions will be clustered around their common topics and areas of interest. As is typical of multidisciplinary conferences, the final program - released about three weeks before the conference - will mirror the research agendas of the delegates rather than a pre-conceived list of arbitrary topics. The program will consist of consecutive one-hour sessions running in parallel in two conference rooms, from about 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Each oral presentation will be 15 minutes or less in duration unless a delegate requests otherwise.

It is up to each delegate how much to submit or publish. Some authors may publish only an abstract in the proceedings. Others may prefer to publish a full-length manuscript in the journal.

Delegates may also attend a conference without submitting or publishing any research in their role as audience members.

Authors may deliver their work during the conference either as (i) a 15-minute oral presentation or (ii) a poster session.

3 June 2020: First Complimentary Cultural Day Tour
Departure at 9:00 am from the conference site
Visiting Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, in Austria

The highlight of our first cultural tour will be the ancient, beautiful, and famous town of Innsbruck, less than a two-hour drive south of Munich. Innsbruck is the capital of the Austrian Tyrol, a handsome red- and green-roofed city located at the crossroads of an ancient north-south trade route over the Brenner Pass, the easiest crossing of the mountain range of the Alps.
Innsbruck became a popular trading post in the 15th century and commanded the attention of the Habsburgs. Maximilian I, the first of many Habsburgs to attain the crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, set up court in Innsbruck where he could easily pursue his hobbies, which included mountain climbing, hunting and fishing. In the Old Town, you'll see Maximilian's 15th-century Imperial Palace and his "Golden Roof," a three-story balcony capped with 2,657 gold-plated tiles on a porch built for Maximilian. It was here that the Emperor sat to observe the beauty of the Alps and the bustle of the town below. You'll also see the Hofkirche--Court Church--built in the 16th century to house Maximilian's mausoleum. The tomb is guarded by 28 larger-than-life bronze statues; among them, the legendary King Arthur of England. The church also contains the tomb of the Tyrolean national hero Andres Hofer.

4 June 2020: Second Complimentary Cultural Day Tour
Departure at 9:00 am from the conference site
Visiting Nuremberg, Bavaria's second largest city

Nuremberg is a beautiful, old city with a vibrant history. This was where the Third Reich strutted in all of its pomp against an epic backdrop of grandiose marching grounds. It was also where an international war crimes tribunal later held that same Nazi leadership to account amidst the rubble of the defeated city.
You'll also see the other Nuremberg that locals are rightly proud of. The medieval fortifications of the striking old town, Gothic churches, colorful market places and hilltop castle of the old imperial city are as awe-inspiring today as ever.

Nuremberg hosted the Imperial Diet (or parliament) of the Holy Roman Empire and was nominated an Imperial Free City by the Emperor Frederick II. It was a center of cultural vitality at the center of major imperial trade routes. It played a key role in the Reformation, and in the printing and scientific revolutions that shaped the modern world.

Why The Bus Tours Matter

There is more than meets the eye behind these bus tours.

To find out why these tours are conducive to study abroad programs and joint research, please click


Conference Facilities, Lodging and Lodgistics

Our conference will be held at the Sirius Conference Center, at Brunhamstrasse 21, Munich. This is an industrial park tasked with bringing technical inventions and innovations at Munich Technical University to market.

The building is only 6-minute walk away from the nearest train station, the Munchen-Neuaubing train station. Click here for map. Both the airport in Munich and the center of Munich are a direct train ride away from Munchen Neuaubing.

An 18-minute train ride on the S8 line connects the Munchen-Neuaubing train station to Munich's main train station (click here). 

The closest hotel to our conference center is the Econtel Hotel Munchen. It's a 3-star hotel with 69 rooms and is most likely to fill quickly for our conference event. You may reserve a room through

The second closest hotel is the family run, 3-star Hotel Aurora Garni. For booking click here. For more hotels in the vicinity of this hotel, click here. Whichever hotel you select, make sure it's within walking distance of public transport.

German hotels and hostels are among the cleanest in Europe. Given the excellent subway system in Munich, it may make financial sense to look for cheaper lodging further away from the center. Renting out a hostel room for two may be cheaper than renting a single hotel room! 
For a list of hostels in Munich, click here.



Submit Your Research

To submit your abstract for presentation at this conference, click here.

The most important dates to remember are as follows:

  • Submit your abstract by 17 March 2020.
  • Pay your registration fee by 31 March 2020.
  • The conference will run from 2-5 June 2020.
  • Email your formatted manuscript to by 15 August 2020.
  • The proceedings and journal will be published in December 2020.

Within a few days of receiving your online abstract submission, we will notify you of the reviewers' acceptance or rejection, for the conference.

If we inform you that it is an acceptance and you would like to publish your research, follow the model format
here and email us your formatted abstract or full manuscript in Microsoft Word. You may do so up to a few weeks after the conference.

Abstracts and summarized articles will be published in the proceedings entitled Conference of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, in electronic format (ISSN 1943-6114).

Full length manuscripts may be published in the International Journal of Arts and Sciences(ISSN 1944-6934) or any of the refereed journals electronically available through our publishing consortium. The review process for the journals is slower and more demanding in its standards. Although both the proceedings and journals are refereed, research that meets the refereed standards for the conference and the proceedings may not meet the refereed standards for the journals. The selection of a journal, if any, for a particular manuscript is entirely at the discretion of the editorial board members following the reviewers' suggestions.

All the journals and proceedings are in electronic format since this makes it easier to disseminate the articles (click here for a sample article
) to international scholars.
Authors will receive complimentary access to the online issue in which their work appears. One's research may not simultaneously appear in both our proceedings and journals.

Authors who prefer a hard copy may download an entire issue on their own computer and publish and order a hard copy of it from or any other online publishing service for their own personal use.
IJAS's articles are indexed/accessed in (i) WorldCat, (ii) Ulrich's serials directory, (iii) Cabell's directories of Educational Curriculum & Methods and Educational Psychology and Administration, (iv) Proquest, (v) Pol-On, the Polish scholarly bibliography operated by the University of Warsaw, (vi) Genamics, (vii) the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA 2012) list compiled by the Australian Research Council, and (viii) Google Scholar - click here.
There is no page limit on articles. We welcome both short and lengthy submissions. We don't impose a financial penalty on lengthy manuscripts.

Each registered author, irrespective of whether he or she submits a formatted manuscript for publication, will receive a Certificate of Participation at the conference.
Powerpoint Presentations
At the conference, the presentation room will be equipped with a laptop, a digital projector and a projector screen. The laptop will be set up for Powerpoint presentations. Linux and Mac users are asked to save their presentations in a compatible format.


Conference Registration Payment
Registration is open to everyone, not just to research presenters.
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Registration fees do not include food and lodging.



$395 - Munich (2020) Conference Registration:
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Valid for one person for all conference events, on and off conference premises. Includes all tours.


$295 - Munich (2020) Conference Registration:
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Valid for one person, for one day only, on conference premises. Does not include any tours.

$595 - Munich (2020) Conference Registration for 2 persons:
Valid for all 4 days.
Joint registration for yourself and a guest (the guest cannot be a co-author), valid for all conference events, on and off conference premises. Includes all tours. There is no such thing as a "free child" or "free spouse." Also, children under 6-years old are not allowed.
This option is not available for co-authors. Co-authors cannot be registered as "guests".

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