International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS)

Academic conferences in a "study abroad" format

10 to 13 June 2020
McGill University, Montreal

16 to 19 June 2020
Ryerson University, Toronto

You will be invited to attend both the Montreal and Toronto conferences but you may attend whichever you like.

$295 Registration: 1-day attendance in 1 conference (no tours)
$395 Registration: 1 conference & 2 day tours
$645 Registration: 1 conference & 2 day tours + Guest
$695 Registration: 2 conferences & 4 day tours
$995 Registration: 2 conferences & 4 day tours + Guest

Toronto in summer. (Photo by Robert Stirrett)
This refereed four-day event, organized at Ryerson University's International Living Learning Centre (ILLC) at 240 Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto, is part and parcel of Canada's longest academic conference, spanning from Ryerson University (Toronto) to McGill University (Montreal). The Toronto part of the conference brings together international academics, including professors and graduate students, to present research in their respective fields.

Our editorial board invites abstracts, papers, and proposals in any of the following four tracks:
  • Social Sciences and Humanities,
  • Business and Economics,
  • Teaching and Education, and
  • Technology and Science. 

The accepted submissions will be clustered around their common topics and areas of interest. As is typical of multidisciplinary conferences, the final program - released about three weeks before the conference - will mirror the research agendas of the delegates rather than a pre-conceived list of arbitrary topics.

It is up to each delegate how much to submit or publish. Some authors may publish only an abstract in the proceedings. Others may prefer to publish a full-length manuscript in the journal.

Delegates may also attend a conference without submitting or publishing any research.

Authors may deliver their work during the conference either as (i) a 15-minute oral presentation, (ii) a poster session, or (iii) a workshop.

The second part of this conference consists of introducing Ontario landmarks to our international academic audience and presenters. We will visit the places that define the province. Departing from outside the ILLC, the buses will provide complimentary programs to Niagara Falls and the Black Creek region. Faculty who opt for any or all of the tour programs will be assigned a presentation slot on a different day to assure no conflict of schedule.


The IJAS Conference Series
takes place annually in several cities across Europe and North America. The series has three primary aims.

The first aim is to provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research both through the conference podium and IJAS' double-blind refereed publications. All IJAS conferences are inter- and multi-disciplinary.

The second aim of the Conference Series is to provide opportunities for academics to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions. The tours are the main way of "breaking the ice" away from the formalities of the conference hall, providing an informal setting for discussing different points of view. Even in an increasingly networked world of internet and satellite conferences, there is no substitute for personal interaction - what Edward R. Murrow calls "the last three fee of communication." It is individuals, not data streams, who must ultimately build the connections that in turn create lasting international research partnerships.

The third aim of the Conference Series is to introduce academics to educational premises in locations that are suitable for study abroad programs and which may meet their students’ educational needs. IJAS draws its inspiration from the Fulbright Program, an integral part of the United States' foreign educational relations, where face-to-face exchanges have proven to be the single most effective means of engaging international publics while broadening dialogue between academics and institutions.

Ryerson University 

Given the nature of our conference, we looked for a university that captures in its spirit what Canada is all about. It had to be a university in the heart of a major Canadian city and, at the same time, a university that could offer a comfortable ambiance for our academic attendees.
Following our conference success at Ryerson in the past, we had no other option but to team up with Ryerson again for this annual conference. Ryerson has an excellent events management team, and its central location in the heart of Toronto is the icing on the cake.

It is a joy to walk around in downtown Toronto; there is so much to see; so much to sample; and so much to appreciate and reflect upon about what makes Canada such a great country.

Ryerson is one of Canada's leading centres of applied, professional education. It is named after Egerton Ryerson, the founder of public education in Ontario. Located in the heart of Toronto, Ryerson reflects the vibrant, diverse, and ever-changing atmosphere of Canada's largest city and is a great location for meetings and conferences.

Named one of the world's best cities in which to live by Fortune Magazine, Toronto is known as a safe and friendly city with a diverse ethnic culture.
When visiting Ryerson, one is close to all of Toronto's attractions. These include the CN Tower, The Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, The Hockey Hall of Fame, world class theatres, the Metro Zoo, various museums and art galleries, as well as a picturesque harbourfront where you can enjoy a boat tour of the harbour or a ferry ride to Toronto Island."

We thank Ryerson for its support. Given our agenda and tours in Ontario,  the University's location is the perfect hub. We are also grateful for Ryerson's lodging facilities -- in Toronto's prime central location -- which will be available to our conference delegates (see "Lodging" section below).

Complimentary Program in Niagara Falls
June 17, 2020. Departure at 9:00 am from conference center.

IJAS delegates (2010) on top of the boat closer to the Falls.
On the second day of our conference, buses will line up outside Ryerson offering a complimentary day-trip to the Niagara Falls. As with each IJAS tour, it is at the discretion of each delegate whether to participate in this unique journey or whether to stay on campus and attend more conference sessions.

The Niagara with its thunderous waterfalls and vibrant energy is a center of inspiration for anyone who looks over its railings, a stone's throw away from the cascading water. It makes one wonder about the universe and where one fits within it all.

If the Niagara does not impress, nothing will impress.
One's significance next to it diminishes further as we take a complimentary bobbing tourist boat toward the roaring waters which drop precipitously into the abyss and spring back into the air soaking one's poncho and eyes with a penetrating mist. This is a moment of great extremes spanning from excitement to humility.

There is only so much that one can visualize within the four walls of a conference hall. No textbook, no paper, no video can replicate the Falls' experience.

This complimentary day program
also adds in a free lunch and free ride on a Niagara boat for our delegates. In the afternoon, we'll all visit the picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, an old "British" town.

Complimentary Program about Canada's Natural History, Cultures and Art
June 18, 2020. Departure at 9:15 am from conference center

Today's journey spans from Toronto to the fast growing communities of Kitchener and Guelph. Spanning over pristine country landscapes, we will witness heritage locations. The Waterloo Regional Museum opened in late 2011 and tackles the question "What Makes Us Who We Are?" through a long term exhibit. It explores 12,000 years of history, from First Peoples to the high tech of the 21st century. The adjoining Doon Heritage Village, a picturesque 60 acre living history village, is set in 1914, in World War I. It brings to life the first 14 years of the 1900s.

We will enjoy a free buffet in St Jacobs where horse and buggies are a common sight. 


Why The Bus Tours Matter

There is more than meets the eye behind these bus tours.

To find out why these tours are conducive to study abroad programs and joint research, please click



Submit Your Research:

To submit your abstract for presentation at this conference, click here. In return you will be invited in writing to attend both the back-to-back Montreal and Toronto conferences. It will be entirely up to you which one or how much of both you will attend.

The most important dates to remember are as follows:

    • Submit your abstract by 17 March 2020. If approved by the reviewers, you will be automatically invited for both events even if you plan to attend only one. The two events will share one big program, dated 10 to 19 June 2020 (covering the duration of both conferences) and the certificate of presentation will cover both locations simultaneously.
    • Pay your registration fee as directed by 31 March 2020.
    • The Montreal conference will be held from 10 to 13 June 2020.
    • The Toronto conference will be held from 16 to 19 June 2020.
    • Email your formatted manuscript (see template) to after your online submission is accepted and before 31 July 2020.
    • The proceedings and journals will be published in late December 2020.

Within a few days of receiving your online abstract submission, we will notify you of the reviewers' acceptance or rejection, for the conference.

If we inform you that it is an acceptance and you would like to publish your research, follow the model format
here and email us your formatted abstract or full manuscript in Microsoft Word. You may do so up to a few weeks after the conference.

Abstracts and summarized articles will be published in the proceedings entitled Conference of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, in electronic format (ISSN 1943-6114).

Full length manuscripts may be published in the International Journal of Arts and Sciences(ISSN 1944-6934) or any of the refereed journals electronically available through our publishing consortium. The review process for the journals is slower and more demanding in its standards. Although both the proceedings and journals are refereed, research that meets the refereed standards for the conference and the proceedings may not meet the refereed standards for the journals. The selection of a journal, if any, for a particular manuscript is entirely at the discretion of the editorial board members following the reviewers' suggestions.

All the journals and proceedings are in electronic format since this makes it easier to disseminate the articles (click here for a sample article
) to international scholars.
Authors will receive complimentary access to the online issue in which their work appears. One's research may not simultaneously appear in both our proceedings and journals.

Authors who prefer a hard copy may download an entire issue on their own computer and publish and order a hard copy of it from or any other online publishing service for their own personal use.
IJAS's articles are indexed/accessed in (i) WorldCat, (ii) Ulrich's serials directory, (iii) Cabell's directories of Educational Curriculum & Methods and Educational Psychology and Administration, (iv) Proquest, (v) Pol-On, the Polish scholarly bibliography operated by the University of Warsaw, (vi) Genamics, and (vii) Google Scholar - click here.
There is no page limit on articles. We welcome both short and lengthy submissions. We don't impose a financial penalty on lengthy manuscripts.

Each registered author, irrespective of whether he or she submits a formatted manuscript for publication, will receive a Certificate of Participation at the conference.
Powerpoint Presentations
At the conference, the presentation room will be equipped with a laptop, a digital projector and a projector screen. The laptop will be set up for Powerpoint presentations. Linux and Mac users are asked to save their presentations in a compatible format.


Lodging and Parking

Ryerson University's International Living Learning Center (ILLC) at 240 Jarvis Street, Toronto, will host our conference as well as offer lodging facilities for our delegates. To book at a special rate, check here later during the academic year for a special rate during conference week. If you plan to stay beyond this date, make your reservation online for any portion of your stay within the Toronto conference phase. Then you may contact Ryerson at or enter the remaining days as an additional reservation.
The ILLC will place you right in the heart of Toronto within walking distance to the major attractions.

The ILLC features 
single and double occupancy guestrooms with hotel style amenities and services including a full service restaurant and bar lounge. The majority of the rooms have one queen/full sized bed. Guestrooms are not equipped with two beds. There are two grocery stores right outside, and on each side of, the ILLC building.

Parking passes may be purchased upon arrival at the Front Desk. A 24-hour in/out access card will be issued upon check-in and must be returned upon check-out. The daily parking rate is $25.50 (tax included).

Internet connection is available in each guest room.

Nearby Hotels: The Hilton Garden Inn and Econo Lodge Inn are just outside the conference center. Within a short walking distance there are also Ramada Plaza Toronto and the Grand Hotel & Suites. Please note that last year the Econo Lodge Inn was a disappointment to some of the delegates who stayed there. Additional hotels may be found

Airport Transportation: For information about ground transportation between Toronto's Pearson International Airport and Ryerson University (in downtown Toronto), click

Conference Registration Payment
Registration is open to everyone, not just to research presenters.
For all alternative ways of paying the registration fee, click here.
The registration fee does not include food (other than the tour lunches) and lodging.
Children under six years are not allowed on the tours.


In Case of Questions About...

your submission or the conference:

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tourism in Toronto:

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Lodging at Ryerson University
Later in the academic year, we will be posting information here on how to lodge at the ILLC.

The sun shines on the RCMP. (Photo by BitMiner)